Nicor Advanced Energy

Nicor Advanced Energy

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Protection & Flexibility

with PriceCap®

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Never pay more than your maximum rate

Enroll in Nicor Advanced Energy's PriceCap® plan and enjoy the confidence of locking in a capped gas price for a full 12 months.  No matter how cold it gets or how gas prices may fluctuate, you won't pay more than your fixed cap amount.  Plus, if our market-based price for this plan1 falls below your cap, you'll pay the lower amount. With PriceCap, for just $1.99 per month, you get a combination of price certainty and price flexibility - guaranteed!

Get the lower price without extra effort

With fixed price plans, you pay the same price per therm no matter what. With our PriceCap plan, you'll enjoy the added benefit of paying the lower amount if prices on this plan1 go down!* But rest assured knowing you'll never pay more than your fixed cap amount.  Enroll online using promo code PCWEB and pay 3 cents per therm less than our current regular PriceCap per-therm fixed price cap.*

Please note: Our name will be changing to Illinois Energy, USA, LLC on November 1, 2017.

Easy Sign Up

- Switching is easy! You can call us or enroll online.

- There will be no service interruption.

- Our experts ensure a seamless transition.       

- Limited to qualified new customers.

Don't delay. Offer ends October 31, 2017.

PriceCap's price may be lower or higher compared to the price of traditional utility service throughout the term of the agreement, but PriceCap gives you price protection and flexibility all year long. Our customer service representatives can also help you enroll. Call 1-877-292-9363.

Limited Time Offer