Commercial Energy Plans

PriceGuard® Plan

PriceGuard lets your company lock in a price per therm for the next 12 months. 

  • Fixed therm gives you price certainty even if market prices fluctuate
  • Included on your company’s Nicor Gas bill if you receive service from Nicor Gas
  • One convenient monthly gas bill from us if you receive service from Peoples Gas or North Shore Gas 

Protection Against Changing Natural Gas Prices

With PriceGuard, your company doesn’t have to worry about changes in gas prices. Plus, when your company enrolls, there are:

  • No enrollment fees
  • No monthly administrative fees

How It Works

By choosing PriceGuard, you’ll be enrolling your company in the Choice program if you are not already with a Choice supplier. Nicor Advanced Energy will supply your company’s gas, and the gas utility will continue to deliver your company’s gas, read your company’s meter, and respond to any gas leaks.

Click here to view our terms in the Nicor Gas territory.Click here to view our terms in the Peoples Gas & North Shore Gas territories.

Please note: Our name will be changing to Illinois Energy, USA, LLC on November 1, 2017.

Nicor Advanced Energy's price may be lower or higher than traditional utility service  at any time during the term of your agreement.

Gas Offers

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